BEER Development Fundraiser Campaign #5

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Important Update: BEER Campaign is now closed. Your purchase will now go to BNPR site, the community, & administrative maintenance cost.

Note: Pay whatever value you want

This is the 5th batch of blendfiles for the BEER Development Fundraising Campaign.

Previous Batches: First Batch | Second Batch | Third Batch | Fourth Batch

More info about the campaign.

What you'll get:

  • Emi by @GloriaAnimator based on the character design by Emily Chow Yun Xin. You will need to install the included BlenderMalt add-on, and run it in Blender 2.83.5 or later. Relink the beer.glsl shader if the character only display yellow color. This is the first character utilizing the back-end of BEER fully.
  • Cave scene by @kendrickszb a master of complex composition and interesting colors.
  • Wildcat by @Retronous This scene is animated. Plus a pinkish version of the scene also included.

All files are CC BY 4.0. Please credit the authors.

Thank you for your donations. 😊

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BEER Development Fundraiser Campaign #5

8 ratings
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