BEER Development Fundraiser Campaign #6

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Important Update: BEER Campaign is now closed. Your purchase will now go to BNPR site, the community, & administrative maintenance cost.

Note: Pay any amount you want

This is the 6th batch of blendfiles for the BEER Development Fundraising Campaign.

Previous Batches: 1st Batch | 2nd Batch | 3rd Batch | 4th Batch | 5th Batch

More info about the campaign.

What you'll get:

  • Cyber Girl by This character took almost a year to develop, very complex and hitting the limits of Eevee. A lot to learn from this file.
  • International Space Station Pixel Art by Filipe Dilly. This animated pixel art is done via post process. The scene is optimize to make rendering look very pixely. Be sure to check the animated gif.
  • Gigantic by LowellCamp. A city on top of a robot and your mind can go wild from there.

All files are CC BY 4.0. Please credit the authors.

Thank you for your donations. 😊


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BEER Development Fundraiser Campaign #6

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