Soul Stirring Digital Color Mastery [Ebook]

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There are many hidden secrets in this book that only a few have discovered. The funniest on page 33. 😉

Learning color by application is the surest and fastest way to master color. This ebook skillfully maneuver color topics and invites you to use it everywhere, even off screen. When you can identify colors everywhere, you can also do the same digitally.

Before you get this ebook, please read this article about hypocognition.

Update: 58 minutes companion video and notes added to help you jump start the color journey.


I like that it gives the reader challenges along the way, and I think that it'll go a long way to teaching somebody new to color some best practices in picking a palette. Overall great work, I can tell the attention and care that has been put into it.

-- Tim Wendorf, art director, Something Classic

Essential study material for any designer who wants to level up their work, and a gorgeous book that is a pleasure to read.

-- Jan van den Hemel, video agency art director, creator of Blender Secrets

This book is a masterpiece. The fact that it simplifies what can be simplified and dives deep where it must is gorgeously done. Congratulations. 

-- Bruno Faria Hatanaka, tattoo artist

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Part 1: The Foundations

The ability to identify color is the most important skill you can have. Be it on screen or real life, this skill enhances your ability to see the world more vividly than ever before. Along the way you will learn to avoid common pitfalls and take advantage of color opportunities. The ebook does not stay only in itself. You are encouraged to explore color discussions around the web. It is fun even for people with strong color foundations.

Part 2: The Tools

A color picker may look extremely fundamental, but it can either cripple or catapult your color selection. You will learn the tiny details of how a color picker works. You will also understand why one color picker is better than the others.

Part 3: The Color Palettes

This is the fun part which occupies more than half of the ebook. You will learn to leverage your color picker, use building blocks to make wonderful color combinations, and use cool tips & tricks to enhance your color palettes. Then we will dive into projects and see how color palettes are designed. Next we will learn from the professionals on how they design their color palettes. This part will totally demystify long standing secrets of soul stirring color palettes.

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Soul Stirring Digital Color Mastery [Ebook]

20 ratings
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