The Magic of Colors

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Before enrolling in this course, I believed I had a solid grasp of the fundamentals of color theory and the creation of color palettes for projects. However, this course not only deepened my existing understanding but also enlightened my perspective on color theory. It became evident that what I knew, based on general knowledge, constituted less than 10% of the insights this course offered.

The course covers the fundamentals before delving into more complex concepts, presenting a wealth of information that I'll need to revisit multiple times. The depth and clarity of the lessons have profoundly enhanced my approach to future projects. Thank you for the exceptional work!

~Jed (Solutions Architect)
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The insights in [this] course really helped me think and talk about color in a more confident, specific way. It also inspired me to change my color picker in Blender.

Rating: ⭐⭐🌟🌟✨

~Strong (Game designer)
Rating: ⭐⭐🌟🌟✨

From the author of Soul Stirring Digital Color Mastery, presenting The Magic of Colors.
A practical video course to learn color swiftly and effectively

After this course you will never experience color the same.
You will experience absolute color clarity and hold the power to control color at will.
It is super effective!

Achieve color HARMONY




Part one: SOLID Color Foundations, POWERFUL Color Naming, SLY HSV behaviors.
Part two: ARTFUL Color Picking Strategies from the absolute beginner to ART DIRECTOR levels
Part three: COLORS APPLIED: Color Palette Strategies, Real World Examples, Animation Examples
Part four: Answering all your questions, plus more examples (future updates)

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The Magic of Colors

6 ratings
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